Groups to Present at Spring Member Meeting in Toronto; Members to Showcase IoT Products at IoT World in Santa Clara

San Jose, Calif.–May 3, 2016–The IPSO Alliance (IPSO) today announced that it has chartered two new Working Groups and is currently working to formalize a third to define and support smart object interoperability. The focus of these Working Groups is on protocol and data layers with considerations for identity and privacy technologies. Early efforts of each Working Group will be presented during the IPSO Alliance Spring Member Meeting taking place May 25-26, 2016 in Toronto, Canada. Most importantly, member input will be solicited to advance these efforts in line with member needs.

“The IPSO Alliance is a member-driven organization and as such, our member meetings provide an opportunity to have significant influence over the initiatives we undertake to advance the IoT,” said Geoff Mulligan, Executive Director of the IPSO Alliance. “These Working Groups are tasked with building on our existing smart object models by ensuring that they incorporate identity, privacy and security with a goal to secure the IoT and its data. Collectively, we can achieve the economies of scale and institutional support to advance the functionality and security of the IoT.”

Led by Ericsson’s Jaime Jimenez and Intel’s Milan Milenkovic, the Semantic Working Group is tasked with defining architectural principles and design guidelines for constructing interoperable semantic data models, defining the meta-model for describing semantic properties for interoperability, and mapping the meta-model to specific bindings, such as LWM2M and OCF.

The Protocol Working Group, led by Greenwave Systems’ Tim Spets, will conduct a protocol comparison survey and use the obtained data and to make recommendations as to which protocol is most useful in different usage environments. Additionally, this group will explore languages that are used in gateway operations and make recommendations as to best current practices. Finally, the group will compare different frameworks that will feed into the work on the development of the gateway meta model.

The Alliance is chartering a new Working Group focused on Security and Identity that is being led by Intel’s Ned Smith. Ned is driving the group’s effort to outline its work to define a security model for IoT devices and data objects, and the purpose, benefits and functions for immutable identities of these devices and objects. IPSO is actively seeking new participants to drive this activity.

Parties interested in contributing to this work and joining us at the Spring Member Meeting should reach out to the IPSO Alliance to discuss membership options. Or, join us learn more about the IPSO Alliance and our latest activities during IoT World, taking place in Santa Clara, Calif. May 11-12, 2016. We will exhibit in booth #703 along with member companies Linear Technologies, Luleå University of Technology / ThingWave, Micrium, and Sigma Designs who will showcase their IP-related products and technologies.

About the IPSO Alliance

The IPSO Alliance is a global forum comprised of a diverse international membership of companies and non-profit organizations focused on developing the definition of a smart object framework with an emphasis on the aspects of identity and privacy. IPSO Alliance membership is open to any organization supporting an IP-based approach to connecting smart objects. For more information,