IPSO Alliance Merges with Open Mobile Alliance to Form OMA SpecWorks

IPSO has transferred its assets, work and memberships to the OMA, forming a joint organization called OMA SpecWorks. All technical working groups from IPSO and OMA remain active and are tasked with creating and driving a set of global technical deliverables in the mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) services layer. OMA SpecWorks was created to help developers quickly transform an idea into an industry specification and then manage the specification’s publication and maintenance.

A global forum comprising a diverse international membership of companies and nonprofit organizations, IPSO’s work focuses on promoting the use of Internet protocol (IP) for smart objects and defining a smart-object framework for the IoT, with an emphasis on identity and privacy.

With IP now in widespread use, it is clear that IPSO achieved its goal. Work on the Smart Object Guidelines, which were implemented by OMA’s Lightweight M2M effort, first brought OMA and the IPSO Alliance together. With a growing need to formalize the definitions and with work increasingly focused on issues relating to the IoT services layer, together as OMA SpecWorks we make define strong technical specifications for the IoT.


Press Release – <<link to press release>>

IPSO Smart Objects – http://omaspecworks.org/develop-with-oma-specworks/ipso-smart-objects/

IPSO Public GitHub Repository – https://ipso-alliance.github.io/pub/

Smart Objects Guidelines – <<link to new smart objects guidelines page>>