Making Secure Chips For IoT Devices

Semiconductor Engineering – January 5, 2017

Chips and modules going into Internet of Things node devices must have cybersecurity features designed and built into them. Multiple vendors are responding with products meant to keep the IoT devices protected from the cyberattacks that are becoming more common.

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Thread Group Showcases Thread-Based Products and Ecosystem at CES

Business Wire – January 4, 2017

WHAT: The Thread Group — an industry alliance chartered with creating the very best way to connect and control products by guiding the widespread adoption of the Thread protocol — will illustrate the true potential and flexibility of low power, IP-based networks at CES 2017 in its booth, Sands Expo #40343. CES attendees will see the benefits of seamless device-to-device communication, built on the low-power, highly secure Thread networking protocol.

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World domination must be easier than this

Telecom TV – January 4, 2017

The ongoing legal spat between Apple and Samsung has revealed unexpected insights into the origins of Android, and shows just how difficult it is to assert patents in a highly competitive market.

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AVSystem’s solutions with the best Server and Client results during OMA TestFest 2016!

AVSystem – December 19, 2016

Singapore, Singapore – 6 December 2016 – AVSystem’s solutions – Coiote and libLwM2M – placed themselves among the best Server and Client results during the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) TestFest held in October 2016.

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OMA Singapore TestFest

OMA SpecWorks – December 14, 2016

The OMA Singapore TestFest was a great opportunity to promote ourselves, identify strategic alliances and test the compliance of our Commercial LWM2M stack (code name IOWA) against other solutions in the industry. Not only we were compliant to standards, but we also met the industry expectations. Most importantly, we provided a state-of-the-art release of our Commercial LWM2M stack both client and server solutions to our partners and clients.

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Supporting IoT Business Solutions

IOTEROP SAS – December 14, 2016

Montpellier Métropole is the center of a unique smart city experimental lab. While the city’s main objective is to control its private network, store and manage data, Montpellier Métropole is also working with Synox to deploy IoT infrastructure based on LoRa technology.

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Understanding Lightweight M2M protocol and its benefits

RCR Wireless News – December 12, 2016

The millions of connected devices that make up machine-to-machine systems and are part of the “internet of things” need to be switched on, configured, provisioned for services, maintained, updated with software, recovered from error conditions, monitored, queried for data, repaired and taken off their network connections at the end of their lifetime. Lightweight M2M is an open industry protocol from the Open Mobile Alliance built to provide a means to remotely perform service enablement and application management for “internet of things” embedded devices and connected appliances. It is a communication protocol for use between client software on an M2M device and server software on a M2M management and service platform.

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Altair First to Complete Interoperability Testing for Lightweight M2M

PR Newswire – December 6, 2016

Altair Semiconductor (, a leading provider of LTE chipsets, today announced that its ALT1160 LTE CAT-1 Chipset has successfully completed interoperability testing with the Open Mobile Alliance’s Lightweight M2M (LwM2M) protocol. The test took place at the recent OMA TestFest, where vendors had the opportunity to test the stability of their LwM2M implementations in a multi-vendor environment, while helping to ensure the quality of OMA specifications.

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Cross-domain identity of things

Ericsson – November 23, 2016

The rapid expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) calls for a clearer common understanding of how identities function in the digital world. The numerous domains that make up the IoT result in single entities having multiple overlapping identities. In order to operate successfully in this environment, a company must be able to manage related identities across domains in an efficient manner. To do so, it needs to determine which cross-domain identity management solution best meets its own specific requirements.

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High-end IoT opportunities await MSPs

Vanilla+ – November 23, 2016

Concern about the Internet of Things (IoT) is largely focused on two key factors: a) the colossal number and b) the diversity of its new “users”. In population terms, the predictions range from 20 to 40 billion devices by 2020, and the questions include whether the Internet can handle so much traffic.

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