New LightweightM2M Test Cases Based on Industry Feedback Available at Event

San Diego, CA – February 28, 2017 – The Open Mobile Alliance announced today that registration is now open for their May 17-19, 2017 TestFest event. The TestFest will be hosted by Smith Micro at their facility in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Testing will take place Wednesday, May 17 through Friday, May 19 from 9:00 to 18:00 daily. Registration for the TestFest is open to the public through Friday, April 7. New LightweightM2M (LwM2M) test cases will be available at the event based on industry demand. The TestFest is open to any organization including both OMA members and non-members for testing client or server implementations of LwM2M, as well as any OMA Enabler for which there are 3 clients and 3 servers registered.

“We are honored to be chosen by OMA to host a TestFest event at our Pittsburgh engineering facility,” David Sperling, Smith Micro’s Chief Technology Officer, said. “As IoT use cases continue to mature and proliferate, OMA’s LightweightM2M protocol is essential for standardized and secure management of resource-constrained connected devices.”

This will be the first TestFest since the OMA Board of Directors approved the popular LightweightM2M (LwM2M) version 1.0 specification’s move from Candidate Release status to Approved Release status, denoting the specification’s maturity and feature freeze for version 1.0. OMA’s LwM2M is a device management protocol designed for sensor networks and the demands of a machine-to-machine (M2M) environment. With LwM2M, OMA has responded to market demand for a common standard for managing lightweight and low power devices on a variety of networks necessary to realize the potential of IoT. The LwM2M protocol features a modern architectural design based on REST, defines an extensible resource and data model and reuses and builds upon an efficient secure data transfer standard called the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP). CoAP is standardized by the Internet Engineering Taskforce (IETF) as a variation of the Internet’s HTTP. LwM2M has been specified by a group of industry experts in OMA’s Device Management Working Group and is based on protocol and security standards from the IETF. The LwM2M specification is freely available at

In support of the upcoming TestFest, the OMA Device Management Working Group has released a survey to evaluate the current LwM2M Test Cases in the Enabler Test Specification (ETS). The aim of this survey is to determine the interest in and quality of previously tested cases and to identify any missing cases. Your participation in this survey will influence which cases will be tested during the May TestFest as specified in OMA-TS-LightweightM2MV1_0. This survey is now open to the public through Friday, March 10, at

“It is important to continually improve and update test cases, especially in the fast-paced IoT industry,” said Joaquin Prado, Director of Technical Programs, Open Mobile Alliance. “With this survey, the OMA DM Working Group will determine what test cases are important to developers building IoT products and services, so that our TestFests can continue to bring value to the companies that are creating the Internet of Things.”

Related News

February 15, 2017 During the OMA member meeting in Vancouver, the Board of Directors approved the LwM2M v1.0 specification, indicating the specification’s maturity and that all features for LwM2M v1.0 have been frozen. The full press release is posted here.

February 15, 2017 The Eclipse IoT Working Group, a collaborative working group of the Eclipse Foundation, is pleased to announce the Eclipse Leshan open source project will support the newly ratified Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) LightweightM2M (LwM2M) 1.0 device management standard. LwM2M has become an important Internet of Things (IoT) standard for managing low power and lightweight devices that are common for IoT solutions. The full press release is posted here.

February 9, 2017 AVSystem announces that its LightweightM2M (LwM2M) library Anjay was published as open-source software under Apache 2.0 license. Anjay follows C99 standard and is compatible with the newest version of LwM2M Technical Specification. The software and documentation can be found on GitHub. The full press release is posted here.