IOTEROP SAS – December, 2016

The OMA Singapore TestFest was a great opportunity to promote ourselves, identify strategic alliances and test the compliance of our Commercial LWM2M stack (code name IOWA) against other solutions in the industry. Not only we were compliant to standards, but we also met the industry expectations. Most importantly, we provided a state-of-the-art release of our Commercial LWM2M stack both client and server solutions to our partners and clients.

At the networking party, our demo booth was buzzing with visitors, partners and potential customers who recognized the value of our solutions. Another highlight for us was learning from key experts from Nokia, Sierra Wireless, Microsoft, Movimento and Bosch. They reinforced the importance of standards, how the OMA LWM2M is going to meet the challenges in the IoT industry, and how valuable those standards will be for smart cities.

Our presentation was well-received. Clearly, the OMA LWM2M technology is gaining momentum. Big players affirm that the OMA LWM2M technology is a critical piece of their IoT expansion strategy.

Our commercial OMA Lightweight M2M stack, codename IOWA, includes all compelling LWM2M features (device management, information reporting, onboarding, firmware update) with built-in security and IPSO Smart Objects data model. IOWA is a World Wide Reference and state-of-the-art LWM2M implementation, kept up-to-date with standard evolutions, adaptable to any operating system and designed for resource constrained devices.