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Exciting News from Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)!

Specification Validation Event (SVE#41)

We’re thrilled to announce the 41st Specification Validation Event (SVE), scheduled for June 10-13, 2024. This face-to-face event, hosted by Itron Inc. in Raleigh, North Carolina (USA), promises to be an invaluable opportunity for all LwM2M implementers. Join us and register here!

Revolutionizing Utility with LwM2M Ecosystem! Workshop III

Join us in a captivating video presentation as we unveil South East Water’s 10-year journey leveraging LwM2M for smart metering, sensor management, and customer information enhancements, showcasing remarkable cost savings and efficiency gains! Access the workshop video!

Utilities Unlocking Utility Benefits with LwM2M! Workshop II

Are you ready to revolutionize utility management? Discover new OMA’s LwM2M Workshop II Recap. Get the Workshop material!

Explore the Future of LwM2M at Virtual-SVE40! Virtual Test Event

OMA SpecWorks – a new approach to standards development

Streamlined processes and expertise from across the wireless industry focused on delivering specifications at the services layer that support the billions of new and existing fixed and mobile terminals across a variety of networks, including traditional cellular operator networks and the Internet of Things (IoT). Learn more

The IoT movement and 5G will grow at one of technology’s fastest rates in coming years.

Keeping solutions at the edge manageable, secure and cost-effective is critical for growth to happen. LwM2M takes a standard-based approach, aiming at harmonizing the IoT ecosystem and providing a comprehensive and flexible solution. With many success stories in cellular IoT, LwM2M will remain the standard of choice as it grows to cover a broader scope of use cases in 5G.

Developers wanted – build products and services based on OMA SpecWorks

OMA SpecWorks houses more than 150 specifications defined at the Open Mobile Alliance, IOT Smart Objects created at the IPSO Alliance, and developer tools  and resources that facilitate the development of products based on LightweightM2M (LwM2M), the IoT industry’s protocol for device management.

Join OMA SpecWorks – Accomplish your company’s goals

Are you looking for a specifications factory that continually strives to optimize the delicate balance between the need for consensus and time to market through tools and simplified procedures, while empowering the people doing the work to complete a work item in the minimal amount of time? Join OMA SpecWorks and contribute to one of our current working groups, or quickly ramp up a new one to fit your needs.

Contribute to the OMA SpecWorks Technical Program

Content Delivery

The CD Working Group is chartered to define the basic delivery mechanisms, bi-directional exchange mechanisms, and the processing of key content formats, including the semantics and user agents, behavior and programming interfaces.

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The IOP Working Group produces high quality test specifications, facilitating testing of implementations of OMA SpecWorks specifications and, in some cases, producing TTCN test code for the validation of specifications.

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IPSO Alliance Smart Objects

Now a part of OMA SpecWorks, the IPSO charter is to define and support Smart Objects with an emphasis on object interoperability, protocol and data layers and of Identity and Privacy technologies.

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Device Management & Service Enablement

The Device Management & Service Enablement Working Group specifies protocols and mechanisms to achieve the management of mobile devices, services access and software on connected devices for mobile networks and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Architecture and APIs

The OMA SpecWorks API program provides standardized interfaces to the service infrastructure residing within communication networks and on devices. Focused primarily between the service access layer and generic network capabilities, specifications allow service providers to expose device capabilities and network resources in an open and programmable way.

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The LOC Working Group develops specifications to ensure the interoperability of Location Services on an end-to-end basis and provides technical expertise and consultancy on Location Services for other working groups across OMA.

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The COM Working Group is responsible for service layer standardization of communications related technologies, including areas such as Messaging, Push-to-talk over Cellular, Presence, Contact Information and Address Book, Media and Data Management, Enhanced Visual Voice Mail and Spam Reporting.

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