In December 2017, the IPSO Alliance joined forces with the Open Mobile Alliance. OMA SpecWorks was launched in early 2018 from the two organizations and the IPSO Smart Objects Working Group (IPSO WG) was formed. The IPSO WG is focused on enabling IoT devices to communicate, understand and trust each other with global interoperability based on open standards.

IPSO WG’s charter is to develop, establish, and create the industry leadership of an “IPSO Platform” that includes the definition and support of Smart Objects with an emphasis on object interoperability on protocol and data layers and of Identity and Privacy technologies. The mission is to create a platform and support system that includes libraries, repositories, design kits, and industry awareness for discovery and interoperability of IoT Smart Objects.

The IPSO Alliance is not a standards organization, but an alliance that promotes and supports Smart Objects, and manages an IPSO Smart Object Registry that includes libraries, icons and repositories to be used by worldwide standard definition organizations (SDOs), special interest groups (SIGs), open communities and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The creation of a fully functional IPSO Smart Object Registry provides an avenue for industry adoption. IPSO has the goal to create Smart Object definitions, instantiations, data models, design models, reference architectures, icons, and brand, which include all the attributes needed to be an integral component of an IoT Smart Object Marketplace.

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