Since the inception of this group in 2002, the IOP WG has been producing high-quality test specifications, facilitating testing for its members and, in some cases, producing TTCN test code for the validation of specification releases.

The OMA IOP program is unique in the industry as a provider of this expertise, test documentation and artifacts. The group is proud to be formally recognized by several equipment certification bodies, such as the GCF and the PTCRB, whose programs have certified thousands of mobile handsets founds in the hands of consumers today on a truly global scale.

In an increasingly expanding and in a complexly connected society, the need for true and proven interoperability is essential to provide consumers with reliable and secure mobile services. In order to accomplish that fundamental goal and the promise of seamless functionality of deployed enablers, there must be service providers and equipment vendors willing to invest in the quality assurance step seen in the IOP WG. When an OMA SpecWorks WG requests to have a specification validated, the IOP WG generates test specifications and reports any inconsistencies in the specifications back to the Working Groups.

The IOP WG works closely within OMA SpecWorks WGs as well as external bodies, such as the GSMA, GCF and PTCRB, to promote an open dialogue of cooperation, and supports the defragmentation of test efforts across the industry in an effort to reduce cost and delays.

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