As a member of OMA SpecWorks, your company will have the opportunity to participate directly in our standards-building process, which is driven by our diverse member community and supported by an experienced staff. You will have access, via our web-based members’ portal, to the most up-to-date information on OMA’s service enablers. In addition, you will join the world’s leading mobile operators, device manufacturers, infrastructure and IT vendors, and application developers in face-to-face conversations where the next generation of specifications for wireless services are debated and defined.

OMA SpecWorks offers several levels of membership to meet the needs of every organization.

  Sponsor Full Associate Supporter
Price $20,000 $6,000 $3,000 $1,000
Eligible for a Board Seat Automatic Elected No No
Eligible for a WG Chair Election Yes Yes No No
Eligible for a WG Vice-Chair Election Yes Yes Yes No
May contribute to specifications (technical requirements, review comments) Yes Yes Yes Yes
May initiate and support a work item Yes Yes Yes Yes
Counted towards minimum support quorum of a work item Yes Yes YesB No
May make technical contributions to specifications Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vote on a formal technical vote Yes Yes ½ vote No
Participate in consensus polls (R&A) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to Documents
Access to member Portal (documents, calendar, mailing lists, voting application) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to public FTP site (specifications, public documents) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to pre-publication drafts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to Meetings
Attend work group meetings (F2F, conference calls, interim, hybrid) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Attend special events / seminars Yes Yes Yes Yes
Attend general plenary Yes Yes Yes Yes
May participate in TestFest events Yes Yes Yes Yes
Process Administration
May appeal on technical issues Yes Yes NoA No
May appeal on procedural issues Yes Yes NoA No
A - If acting as Chair, an Associate level Vice-chair has the rights of appeal.
B - There is an open action to determine if quorum for a new WI shoudl be changed.

OMA SpecWorks invites you to send in the Membership Application today! For more information please contact Seth Newberry at [email protected].