Home to the widely deployed Internet of Things (IoT) protocol, LightweightM2M (LwM2M), the Device Management & Service Enablement Working Group (DMSE WG) specifies protocols and mechanisms to achieve the management of mobile devices, services access and software on connected devices across networks.


Since 2002, the DMSE WG has released a suite of specifications which includes 20+ mobile service enabler specifications and more than 60 Management Objects providing simple, reliable and cost-effective ways to deploy new applications and services while minimizing the risk. The most market diffused of the Management Objects is certainly the Firmware Update Management Object (FUMO) with deployments in the billions of devices. An additional 20+ Management Objects have been defined by other standards organizations, which cooperate with OMA SpecWorks to avoid fragmentation and duplication. DMSE technologies easily manage converged and multi-mode devices on any network, including devices that do not have a SIM card, as well as resource-constrained devices. Explore the OMA DMSE specifications including LwM2M here.