The OMA SpecWorks Work Program (WP) employs a lightweight, working group-focused process where members can create a new work item in less than a week. Working Groups (WGs) define their own process, tools, partnerships and cadence. WGs interface directly with the OMA Board for approval of their outputs and are supported by a Steering Committee (SC) that facilitates liaisons with other organizations, onboarding of new work items, and creation of new WGs when a new work item doesn’t fit into any of the current groups.

OMA SpecWorks has the following Working Groups:

Device Management

Utilities – The Utilities Working Group is responsible for:

  • Outreach
  • Interoperability

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Architecture and API

Architecture and Communications – The ARCOM Working Group is responsible for:

  • OMA SpecWorks API program that provides standardized interfaces to the service infrastructure residing within communication networks and on devices.
  • Service layer standardization of communications related technologies, including areas such as Messaging, Push-to-talk over Cellular, Presence, Contact Information and Address Book, Media and Data Management, Enhanced Visual Voice Mail and Spam Reporting.

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Content Delivery

Content Delivery – The CD Working Group is chartered to define the basic delivery mechanisms, bi-directional exchange mechanisms, and the processing of key content formats, including the semantics and user agents, behavior and programming interfaces. Learn more

Device Management

Device Management & Service Enablement – The DMSE Working Group specifies protocols and mechanisms to achieve the management of mobile devices, services access and software on connected devices for mobile networks and the Internet of Things (IoT). Learn more


Interoperability – The IOP Working Group produces high quality test specifications, facilitating testing of implementations of OMA SpecWorks specifications and, in some cases, producing TTCN test code for the validation of specifications. Learn more

IPSO Smart Objects

IPSO Smart Objects – Now a part of OMA SpecWorks, the IPSO charter is to define and support Smart Objects with an emphasis on object interoperability, protocol and data layers and of Identity and Privacy technologies. Learn more


Location – The LOC Working Group develops specifications to ensure the interoperability of Location Services on an end-to-end basis and provides technical expertise and consultancy on Location Services for other working groups across OMA SpecWorks. Learn more