The OMA SpecWorks process was defined with the needs of today’s technology companies in mind. You will not find requirements for extensive review of architectural conformance, long approval processes or expensive face-to-face meetings in the OMA SpecWorks Process. Instead, you will find a work environment that values inputs from companies of all sizes and shapes, provides equal opportunity to contribute, prides itself on transparency, and delivers quality work with real-world value. OMA SpecWorks is truly a specifications factory that continually strives to optimize the delicate balance between the need for consensus and time to market through tools and simplified procedures, while empowering the people doing the work to complete a work item in the minimal amount of time.

Our Process

The OMA SpecWorks Process defines a basic, comprehensive set of steps and tools for developing technical specifications. The Working Groups (WG) are free to follow and enhance these optional guidelines or define their own.

The Approval Criteria for publication, created and approved by the OMA SpecWorks Board, aim to ensure the quality and homogeneity of the Technical Specifications published by OMA SpecWorks WGs. Once the technical specifications created by the WGs meet these criteria they can be accepted for Board Ratification and publication. These criteria are clearly defined and available to all the WGs.

The OMA SpecWorks staff ensure compliance to the Approval Criteria at the time of submission for Board Ratification, and are also the safe-keepers of the OMA SpecWorks Process and Approval Criteria as defined by the Board.