The IPSO Alliance is pleased to announce that we have partnered with 3D InCites, an online media resource founded in 2009 to stir up interest in 3D integration and heterogenous technologies. 3D is about much more than just TSVs and subsequent stacking technologies. As it becomes implemented in production, It has become part of the whole advanced packaging conversation. Additionally, the focus of 3D InCites has expanded beyond process technologies into the application space enabled by 3D integration technologies –– the Internet of Things.

In her weekly review this week, editor Françoise von Trapp offers a round up of IoT related news coming out of the recent Mobile World Congress and offers a shout out to IPSO:

“Speaking of IoT security and privacy, 3D InCites is pleased welcome IPSO Alliance as a Media Partner. With the help of this organization that is dedicated to “defining identity and privacy for the next-generation of smart objects,” we hope to bring you more information on the role the semiconductor industry can do to build security and privacy into its products.”