Christian Légaré, president and chairman, IPSO Alliance

Does the IoT exist? In this new, 2-part series published at, Légaré explores the current state of the IoT. Part 1 addresses standards and hardware needs while Part 2 looks at connectivity and security considerations.

All that said, it is possible to develop and deploy an IoT system today. And as new technologies are introduced, more and more system concepts can have a positive RoI. Good examples of such systems include fleet management and many consumer initiatives. The IoT is composed of many moving parts, many of which have current major R&D programs. In the coming years, we will see great improvements in many sectors.

The real challenge for the IoT to materialize, then, is not technologies. They exist. The challenge is for their combined costs and performance to reach the level needed to enable the deployment of the forecasted billions of IoT devices.

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