The first set of 18 Smart Objects were intended as a “Starter Pack” and an example of how to use Smart Objects on some application-specific use cases.

To complement the initial set of objects, this new IPSO Smart Object Expansion Pack was created. The Expansion Pack covers a new set of 16 Common Template sensors, 6 Special template sensors, 5 Actuators and 6 Control switch types.

Some of the new objects are generic in nature, such as voltage, altitude or percentage, while others are more specialized like the Color Object or the Gyrometer Object. New Actuators and Controllers are defined such as timer or buzzer and Joystick and Level. All of these objects were found to be necessary on a variety of use case domains.

The IPSO Woking Group is committed to making it easy for people to create new objects based on their use case needs while promoting reusable and cross-domain standards to as great an extent as is practical.