Board Meeting, Technical Plenary Meeting, Committee Meetings, Working Group Meetings

Date: 21 Aug – 04 Sep 2015

Location: Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers – Saigon, Vietnam

The Open Mobile Alliance conducts two types of global member events throughout the year, OMA Technical Plenary / Working Group meetings and OMA TestFests.

Sponsor, Full, Associate and Explorer members of OMA as well as Government Agency participants may attend the OMA Technical Plenary / Working Group meetings. These meetings allow OMA Members to discuss new work for OMA, continue to develop specifications for the OMA Enablers, and meet with their industry peers.

For more information about the OMA Technical Plenary / Working Group events, please contact the Event Manager of the OMA Staff.

If you are not a member of OMA and wish to become one, please visit the Join page.