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Last year, the Open Mobile Alliance embarked on a survey of mobile and IoT industry professionals to shed light on trends towards cooperation between the Open Standards and Open Source communities. Very quickly we found that Developers are key to widespread adoption. It was also revealed that there is a growing number of individuals in the Standard Development Organization (SDO) community that believe that standards development processes and the output of SDOs can and must evolve to meet the needs of the new mobile ecosystem including app developers.

To do this, SDOs must enable the application developer community with tools that allow them to take advantage of the specifications they produce. A wireless ecosystem that incorporates the innovation and creativity common to developers with the safeguards and interoperability inherent in standards development brings benefit to the entire value chain. The IoT-related SDOs that will thrive as the next generation of networks and services are defined and deployed, are the SDOs who will embrace and address the needs of the developer.

It is also apparent that the Mobile Standards and IoT communities see an increasing need to consider and include input from application developers in new work. Opportunities to connect with developers can be found at a number of exciting industry events which have appeared focused on just that.

The popular, collocated Mobile Dev + Test and IoT Dev + Test conferences are back at the beautiful Westin San Diego from April 24 to 28, 2017. Mobile Dev + Test offers the latest tips, tricks, tools, and in-depth learning opportunities for mobile software developers as well as testers. Meanwhile, if you’re new or experienced in the world of IoT, IoT Dev + Test will offer the latest in IoT development, testing, design, emerging technologies, tools, and leadership principles from leaders who deliver inspiring keynote presentations, in-depth tutorials, and a wide range of conference sessions. Join TechWell for a week packed with hands-on learning, networking, and fun, including:

  • Pre-conference training classes
  • In-depth half- and full-day tutorials
  • Keynotes featuring industry thought-leaders
  • Concurrent sessions covering hot topics and solutions
  • The Expo, bringing you the latest in software solutions
  • Networking events: receptions, breakfasts, breaks, and lunches included

Topics will include: Mobile Testing, Android, iOS, Mobile and IoT Test Automation, IoT Testing, UX, and more!

Register now for the Mobile Dev + Test conference and receive full access to the IoT Dev + Test conference. Use promo code MDCM and save up to $200 off!

In other IoT testing news, from May 17 to 19, 2017, the next Open Mobile Alliance TestFest event will be hosted by Smith Micro at their engineering facility in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. The TestFest will feature OMA’s Lightweight M2M (LwM2M) enabler, which recently moved from Candidate Release status to Approved Release status, denoting the specification’s maturity and feature freeze for version 1.0. TestFest events allow companies to perform interoperability testing for Client and Server implementations based on LwM2M or another OMA enabler. Standardized protocols, such as LwM2M, are of paramount importance for creating a level-playing field on top of which developers can build their own applications. These events also give developers an opportunity to provide feedback on the specifications and report any issues they may encounter during testing.

OMA TestFests are open to the public and registration for May’s event is now open through Friday, April 7, 2017. Click here to get the details!

Click the button below to download your copy of the OMA Survey results, “Bridging Open Source & Open Standards”, and prepare yourself for upcoming IoT and developer shows!

View the Open Source Survey Results.

Any there any other industry events where IoT and application developers are the focus? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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