IOWA Evaluation SDK General Availability on GitHub

Montpellier, September 10, 2020—IoTerop announces the general availability of the IOWA Evaluation SDK and code samples on GitHub. These assets empower developers, accelerating time-to-market, and allowing organizations to see firsthand the benefits of standardized device management.

“IOWA’s lightweight M2M device management services have already proved their ability to support IoT solutions and add value in smart metering, lighting control systems, smart payment terminals, smart grid, process industry, healthcare, asset management, logistics, and most recently automotive with Groupe PSA. Developers see examples of services that address both IT and operational challenges from cloud to remote devices,” says David Navarro, IoTerop, Chief Product Officer, and Open Mobile Alliance SpecWork’s board member.

“With IOWA, developers get all the LwM2M services in a tested, supported, well-documented SDK. The accessibility of these services, from a developer standpoint, as well as the ability to produce client packages for platforms down to 8-bit processors and memory footprints as small as 30KB Flash and 5KB RAM creates real value,” declares Jacques Bourhis, IoTerop, CTO.

“IoTerop clients Itron, Traxens, and Elvaco have already worked with different IoT protocols and have concluded that LwM2M best fits their technical and strategic interests, but while LwM2M is a standard, the actual implementations differ in quality. As in the case of Elvaco, IOWA’s compactness and ease-of-use allow our clients to bring constrained modules for LPWANs like NB-IoT to market in just a few months,” states Hatem Oueslati, IoTerop, CEO.

Access IOWA

Click to access the IOWA SDK and associated samples.

About IoTerop

IoTerop’s software revolutionizes IoT, reducing associated costs by providing secure, remote device management. By limiting the resources required to build, deploy, and manage connected-objects, IoT strategies become more sustainable, supporting strategic objectives. IoTerop’s software adheres to the Open Mobile Alliance’s (OMA) Lightweight M2M standard used in millions of devices worldwide. IoTerop is an OMA SpecWork’s board member and a significant contributor to the Lightweight M2M standard.